Aaron A. Wright

Writer of Speculative Fiction. Web Developer.

Short Story, Horror

Livy lies in the backseat, pinned in place by seat belts strapped across her legs and middle. Sleeping, Jasper sees through the mirror. Soothed by the highway noise and three-hundred milligrams of Soma.

Part of the Creepy Campfire Quarterly Issue #3

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Real Murder is Hard to Come By
Novella, Crime

Anyone with a brain could tell you stealing murders is a bad idea. The problem is Howard Maynard only has half of one.

The doctors even did it to him on purpose. They had to, in order to relieve his uncontrollable seizures. The seizures were stopped, but at the cost of his capacity for creative thinking. Which you'd think would make working as a screenwriter problematic. But Howard has a system: rather than thinking-up fictional killings, he plagiarizes real ones instead. Until one of the murders he stole catches up with him.

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Short Story, Science Fiction

In the near future, a terminally-ill man seeks out proactive euthanasia before the dementia-like symptoms of his disease can set in. But prior to ending his life, he must sit out a mandated period of reflective isolation, with only the hospital's AI for company.

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Bad Humors
Novella, Contemporary Fantasy

Donald, a self-taught supernatural expert, has never felt at ease with his homeless peers. Even more so after a mysterious soup transforms them into undersea monsters. On an evacuated island, on the eve of an approaching hurricane, Donald will have to use both his knowledge of the streets and the arcane to escape the coming storm alive.

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Illustrated by Wendy Quirt
Four Nights of Takeout
Short Story, Contemporary Fantasy
First Published in Triptych Tales

"When strange internet men call you up to say they've been talking with your teenage son about his strong desire to lose a limb, it makes your head cock a little. It sure cocked mine. Although with my neck already kinked as it was, holding the phone to my ear, driving between contract negotiations with Pollyanne in the back, it would have been hard to tell."

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