Aaron A. Wright

Writer of Speculative Fiction. Web Developer.

About Aaron

Aaron writes all types of speculative fiction, including Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Crime. His short fiction has been published or is pending publication in the online magazines Compelling Science Fiction, Triptych Tales, The Creepy Campire Quarterly, and Black Denim Lit. He is also a full-stack web developer specializing in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and CSS. He lives in Texas with his wife and four kids.

Like many fiction authors, my interest in writing began at an early age. I call recall a story written for a second grade contest, whose climax involved a dog relieving itself on a police officer. The promise there, was clear. But really my career didn't begin until decades later.

I would say that mine's a common story. Lots of people like the idea of having written a novel. Yet few sit down to actually do it. For me, my thirtieth birthday seemed to ask the question: "If not now, then when?" And so I did. Objectively the thing was terrible: a few ten-thousand words below normal novel length, intermittent flashback chapters which broke point of view, chapter titles that were puns. I hadn't even outlined thing, and so when the end came around, everything just kind of blew up (literally). Suffice to say I still love that first story, but it will continue to reside safely inside the trunk.

But I kept at the writing. A few years on now I can say I have a couple stories which are pretty alright. Some I've been lucky enough to have published, in this list you can see here in the fiction section of this site: for now just short fiction and a novella, but maybe one day a novel.

In those twenty some years I skipped over quite a lot happened. I met my loving wife Tina and her three lovely boys. Around my thirtieth we had a daughter.

I've always had the creative itch which has manifested in different ways over years. When I was a teenager it was game development. My experience there fostered an interest in programming, which in turn led to my current career as a web developer. To that end this website also serves as something of an online portfolio. For more on that, click over to the webdev section.